Land And Water's Business Solutions Group, PO Box 710, New York, NY 10040

Welcome to Land And Water’s Business Solutions Group (B.S.G)! Our Business Solutions Group offers a variety of products and services that will enable your organization to take full advantage of quality business abundance.

B.S.G will help your company achieve superior results, whether you need products, services, or comprehensive business solutions. Discover how BSG can help make your business operate in a more efficient and profitable manner. Our Services Include: Business Incorporation, Bookkeeping, Custom Graphic Design, Professional Printing, and Web Design & Development.

B.S.G’s main objective is to bring your vision to life. We offer incorporation services to entrepreneurs looking to register their businesses. From Entertainment Companies to Insurance Agencies, our Business Solutions Group has helped orient individuals, establish their companies, and develop their brands.

B.S.G works in conjunction with Zone In Productions to provide up-and-coming and established artists alike with audio production and artist development services such as custom Bios, Fact Sheets, and Discographies, for digital and/or printed Press Kits.

Through its Graphics and Printing Divisions, B.S.G makes products retail-ready. Our sticker, flyer, and poster printing services help raise product/project awareness.

We offer similar services to entrepreneurs who are interested in developing and promoting text, audio, and/or video based projects such as brochures, books, films, CDs and DVDs, and to clients looking to integrate media (text, audio, and video).

We continue to expand our services and creative possibilities by embracing new technologies. Indeed, our company plans to offer Bar Code services, and include Trademark/Copyright Registration in its comprehensive list of business solutions.

Our free-of-charge consultations help educate new clients. Contact a B.S.G representative to discuss our entity development services, and/or our manufacturing, graphics, and printing capabilities.

Browse the site and explore our product and services. If you’re not sure which products and services best suit your company needs, simply contact a B.S.G Representative for further assistance and consultation. We look forward to helping you make your visions manifest!

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